What is Base Flood Elevation?

In this article and video we look what is base flood elevation also known as BFE

Base flood elevation also known as BFE has everything to do with flood insurance. It helps FEMA and private flood insurance companies determine rates.

This is the level that FEMA or the National Flood Insurance Program feels that flooding could come to on a regular basis.

Now if flooding comes above this level it’s going to be pretty rare which would fall under the 100 year or 500 year flood zone.

So let’s just say that you are building a house when building you want to make sure that you’re above this line. The reason is the lower you go below this line the harder it will be to get insurance and the more expensive that insurance will be. Also the chances of your home or property flooding will be much higher.

Also when building it is recommended that you build a couple of feet above this if possible, The reason is when FEMA updates they can change the base flood elevation. When this happens the national average is 1:1. 

What does this mean?

Well it means when new flood maps are updated roughly for every property that is put in the special flood hazard area one is removed.

As you can see understanding base flood elevation can be very important for following flood plain management guidelines and protecting your wallet.

The further below the base flood elevation you are the higher your flood insurance rates could be.