Removing Property from a Flood Zone

Can you remove the property from a flood zone?

Almost everyday we speak to someone questioning the flood zone they are located in. The property has been here more than 50 years and it has never flooded.

So why am I in a flood zone?

Its important to remember that flood zones are done from a regulatory standpoint and also from a probability. Just because the property has never flooded doesn't mean the risk is there.

Every property has some kind of flood risk, however everyday we see where the flood premium does not match the flood risk.

This sis where a flood zone change also known as a letter of map amendment can take place.

The video below explains what a letter of map amendment is and what documentation might be needed to do this process.

Having an educational background in flood mitigation this is something we help people with everyday.

This process is referred to as a letter of map amendment or map revision where the flood zone on a structure is changed.