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How to Find Flood Loss History

In this article and video we walk you through how to find flood loss history on a property


Finding flood loss history can be very tricky for a few reasons. On the private flood insurance side there is not a general database that flood losses are reported too. When it comes to the National Flood Insurance Program these losses are only available to the property owner.

So if you are looking at a property its important to get a list of these from the property owner.

So if you are the property owner how do you get these?

There are a few ways to get this list. You can either fax or email the National Flood Insurance Program the document below to request a copy of these losses.

Attention_ National Flood Insurance Program 3601 Eisenhower Ave. Suite 500 Alexandria, VA 22304-1 2

These losses should also be sent to you each year if you have a National Flood Insurance Program policy.


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